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Tools & Accessories

Fencing Tools

At Bourke Steel & Hire we keep in stock all the tools you need for your fencing project.

Airco Mod. 81 Battery Clip Gun                  Airco Mod. 81 Air Clip Gun

RP22 Ring Pliers                                            Tensioning Tool

Tensor Indicator                                            Steel post driver

Straining Clamp                                             Plain Wire Spinner

Three Way Wire Spinner                               Post Lifters

Execrimp 3 in 1 tool        

Clips, Rings & Joiners

You have the tools but you also need the clips, rings or joiners to go with them.  We keep all the consumables you need in various packaging quantities.   

Fittings & Accessories

We also stock a range of fence fittings and accessories including hinges, latches, chain and knob sets, chain plates, padbolts, dropbolts, pipe fence fittings, pool safety kit and much more.  Come in and check out what we have in stock.