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Timber & Masonry

Formply/Marine Ply

Formply is traditionally used for concrete formwork as the overlay means that it can be readily separated from concrete and the sealed edges ensure that moisture cannot enter the panel. Outside of concrete formwork it can be used in any application that requires a known structural strength and performance.

CD Plywood

Structural plywood is structural-grade plywood with a range of uses throughout the building industry, particularly where known structural characteristics are required. It is commonly selected for uses such as bracing, interior linings, membrane substrates, hoardings and DIY projects. 

We have in stock 12mm & 19mm thick

Tongue Flooring Sheets

An interior all purpose flooring for use in domestic and some commercial buildings. Particularly suited to platform construction (where the floor is laid prior to erection of walls) as well as fitted floor construction methods.

H3 Radiata

A structural and appearance grade timber, treated pine is used for general purpose construction, chiefly in above ground outdoor applications. Extensively used for the construction of decks, pergolas, verandas, carports and the likes, structural treated pine simultaneously delivers strength and appearance.

Sizes in Stock:  70 x 35mm (6mtr lengths), 90 x 45mm (6 mtr & 4.2 mtr lengths) 

Bessa Block

We stock both full and half Bessa blocks as well as full and half capping blocks and solid pier pads

Common Clay Brick

We keep a supply of Common Clay Bricks – you can buy by the pallet or individually.