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Sheep Handling Equipment

We stock both Metalcorp and Steel Supplies loading ramps and drafts and can get other sheep handling equipment on request.  We are also a supplier of Advantage Feeder products.

We have different types of Sheep/Goat loading ramps in stock.  With/without walkway, open or fully sheeted, fixed or adjustable.  The choice is yours.


SheepKing® Adjustable Ramp with/without Walkway

Adjustable ramp to suit trucks, utes or trailers.  Timber floor.  Option of non slip walkway with safety rail fitted.  3 mtr long.

Steel Supplies Adjustable Ramp with Walkway

Adjustable to suit trucks, utes or trailers.  Sheeted sides for safety.  Non slip walkway with safety rail.  600mm wide, 3.15m long.

We have 2 types of drafting races in stock:


Metalcorp fixed vee Sheep drafting race with gates

Traditional fixed sided 3-way V race draft.  Swing gates with chains at both ends. Sheeted race and railed drafting gates.

Steel Supplies 3-Way Sheep/Goat drafting race adjustable with gates

Adjustable 3 way drafting race, swing gates and chains on one end.  Sheeted race and railed drafting gates.

Advantage Feeders

We are suppliers of Advantage Feeders products.  If you are looking for grain or hay feeders then have a look at their website to see what is available   https://advantagefeeders.com.au/products/