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Purlins, Trusses & Tophat


Purlins are mainly used to support roofs and walls joists and may be used in single spans and unlapped continuous spans in multi-bay buildings. C purlins allow easy handling and storage. They are best suited for use in small and medium sized buildings to give structural support.

Sizes in stock include:

  • C100 galv. – available in 6.1mtr, 7.62mtr & 9.15mtr lengths
  • C150 galv. – available in 6.1mtr, 7.62mtr & 9.15mtr lengths
  • C200 galv. – available in 6.1mtr, 7.62mtr & 9.15mtr lengths
  • C300 galv. – available in 6.1mtr length

We also stock purlin brackets and flanged 12 x 30mm purlin bolts


Structural metal topspan or tophat sections are a cost effective alternative to conventional purlins or timber on smaller type buildings like garages and small sheds. They are ideal to be used for wall girts and roof supports.

Sizes in stock are:

  • 22mm    6.1mtr lengths
  • 40mm    7.5mtr lengths
  • 50mm    7.5mtr lengths
  • 61mm    7.5mtr lengths
  • 75mm    7.5mtr lengths
  • 96mm    7.5mtr lengths
  • 120mm 7.5mtr lengths                                

They can also be used in fencing for attaching corrugated or Trimdek sheeting.


Our shed web trusses are made in house and we keep 350mm, 8 mtr long trusses in stock.  Other lengths have been fabricated on request.