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Ideal for New building, Extensions & Restumping

LevelMaster is the new & intelligent way to stump a house.  Whether that is a new build, a restump, relevel, or raising an existing house.  LevelMaster’s galvanized steel house stumps (steel piers) are stronger, easier and faster than traditional fixed height stumps.

Easy to adjust – One person with one simple tool can easily adjust LevelMaster house stumps.

Traditional house stumping and re-blocking required heavy hydraulic jacks.

Durable & Strong – All LevelMaster stump connectors, bases and tops have been hot dipped galvanized to increase durability and extend stump life.

Fast Results – LevelMaster adjustable stumps allow you to level a floor very accurately without the need for hydraulic jacks and packers, making house stumping or re-blocking much faster.

Save on Labour – Being able to adjust the shouse stumps faster and with fewer steps involved allows you to cut down the amount of labour involved.

Height Matters – LevelMaster’s house stumps have a screw height adjustment of up to 120mm due to their unique design.  The stump remains adjustable for the life of the building making it much better than traditional re-stumping or house levelling.

Pre-Fabrication – LevelMaster provides a FREE assembly service to save you even more time on the Jobsite (Welding not included).  Let us know the details and we will do the rest.