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Goat Handling Equipment

We stock everything a property owner could want or need including races, loading ramps, panels, gates and goat spear traps. (See our sheep handling equipment page for loading ramps and races).  Our panels, gates and spear traps are made locally and are a popular option for both the serious goat harvestor or small hobby farmer.

Goat Panels

The main seller in our goat panel range is our portable 2100 x 1200mm RHS 7 bar panel.  The panels are kept in stock and are made in house from 25 x 25 RHS and a flat bar brace through the centre with 1 long pin.  We also have in stock a 2700 x 1350mm 7 bar panel.  Call in and look at our display showcasing the type of panels that we can fabricate on request.    

Goat Gates

We make 3 types of gates to suit our panel range, a large gate in frame (full panel size), small gate in frame (P.A.) and a goat gate in panel.


We also have in stock a combination Cattle/Goat panel 1800 high x 2100mm long, 9 rail made from 40 x 40mm RHS.

Goat Spear Trap

Made locally in Bourke our spear traps are suitable for sheep or goats.  They come in a 1 way or 2 way configuration.