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N Brace Gates

N Safe Mesh Farm Gates are manufactured using AWP’s exclusive, design registered, mesh pattern. Graduating from smaller spacing at the bottom of the gate to larger at the top, with picket wires 250mm apart, these gates are made for small and large animals alike. The N Stay gives you confidence in the strength of the gate.

Sizes in stock range from 2380mm (8’) to 4780mm (16’)

We also stock the following:

  • 4780mm (16’) Feral N Brace gate
  • Feral M Brace gates in 3580mm (12’) and 4180mm (14’)
  • 6040mm (20’) W Brace gate for those looking for a larger opening


Vertical Brace Gates

AWP’s I-Safe Farm Gate is supplied with graduated horizontal mesh spacings (closer mesh spacings graduating from the bottom up) which will ensure an effectively superior barrier in preventing most feral pests & smaller livestock breaching the I-Safe gate.

Sizes in stock range from 850mm (3’) to 4780mm (16’)