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Fabricated Fencing

Bourke Steel & Hire have in stock different types of Fabricated Fencing.  Whether it be 6 line, 7 line, 8 line or more then we are able to help.  We keep both 200mtr. and 500 mtr. rolls, with or without footer so the choice is yours.

Hinged Joint Field Fence

Hinged joint fencing is the most popular pre-fabricate fence used globally.  The Hinged Joint allows the necessary flexibility to move without breaking wires when pressure is placed on the fence by stock.

Traditional – All line wires are high tensile 2.50mm wires and all vertical wires are soft 2.50mm

Premium – Same features as traditional Hinged Joint but has the additional strength of 2.80mm top and bottom wires saving the need for top and bottom selvedge wires

Max-Loc Field Fence

GalMAX Max-Loc Field Fence features a unique ‘smooth knot’ design, one piece vertical pickets tied to line wires and crimped at the joints.  Its tough, durable construction prevents the fence from buckling if impacted by larger animals, yet also provides extra rigidity & flexibility for installation over undulating land.  Comes with or without footer/apron

Traditional – All wires are supplied in 2.50mm high tensile heavily galvanised.

Premium – Same features as Max-Loc Traditional with the additional strength of 2.80mm top and bottom line wires.

Max-Loc Field Fence – Feral Bloc

Max-Loc Feral Bloc pre-fabricated fence is offered in both a constant size mesh and graduated mesh spacings.  Graduated mesh spacing prevent smaller animals penetrating the fence.  Both style fences provide an impact resistant barricade against marsupials such as wallabies and kangaroos, also dogs, pigs and other feral animals.  Comes with or without footer/apron.

Protough Field Fence

Protough is the ultimate exclusion fence and one of the toughest fences Australia has ever seen.

This range comes with the renowned strength of a fixed knot construction together with 3mm thick top and bottom wires, 2.6mm picket wires and 2.5 high tensile line wires.  It also features tension crimps in the line wires providing for greater expansion and contraction of the fence in extreme temperatures and has a strong hinged apron design.