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Bourke Steel and Hire offer a range concreting products.  Whether you are a tradesman, handyman or just doing some backyard projects we can assist in all your concreting needs.  Not sure how you are going to get them to the building site then we can also arrange delivery.



We stock several sizes in Reinforcing mesh sizes include:

SL72      6mtr x 2.4mtr                                     SL92      6mtr x 2.4mtr

SL82      6mtr x 2.4mtr                                     RL828   6mtr x 2.4mtr

We also stock reinforcing bar in 12mm, 16mm & 20mm as well as 200mm, 3 bar, 11mm Trench Mesh  

Other products in stock are:

Plastic Bar Chairs – 25/40mm, 50/65mm & 75/90              50mm Clipfast wall chairs

3mtr x 25mm crack inducer – grey                                           Keyjoint 100mm 3 mtr sticky

Sticky Joining Foam 25mtr – 100mm & 150mm                    Keyjoint dowell pack

Connolly Keyjoint 6mtr –  100mm & 150mm                            Plastic – black & orange

Reo tie wire 1.4kg 80mm roll                                                      Reo rod ties 110mm Galv.

Duct tape